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Atrocities out now! Check out our third full-length packed with killer riffs, groovy bass licks and insane blast beats, all topped with gutturals and screams delivered by three vocalists. Finnish brutal death metal is alive and kicking!

Get your copy at

Rising Nemesis Records (hard copies)
Bandcamp (digital copies & streaming)



New single Siberian Frost OUT NOW!

Watch the official music video on YouTube.

Directed, filmed and edited by Joel Korhonen, Noise Media.


Thanks for the huge support for the first single off of Atrocities! Hope it left you hungry for more as the next one will see the light of day in less than two weeks. Siberian Frost music video out on Monday 14 March.



Track list of the upcoming album revealed: 1. (In)humanity, 2. Sadistic Sedition, 3. Lethal Human Experimentation,
4. Siberian Frost, 5. Decimating Winds of Phosphorus, 6. Heavenly Inferno, 7. Trade in Viscera, 8. Nailed to the Cross,
9. Violent Bigotry, 10. In Cinder, 11. Transcend in Fire, 12. Cast into Perishment.


‘Atrocities’ out via Rising Nemesis Records on 29 April 2022. Recorded, mixed and mastered to brutal perfection by Tomi Uusitupa at Oxroad Studios. Stay tuned for more news!


Official lyric video Decimating Winds of Phosphorus out now! Rock it out on YouTube! The amazing video is the handwork of Domrha Arts.


Friends, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve teamed up with the German brutal death metal label Rising Nemesis Records for the release of our third full-length titled Atrocities. This 12-track beast of an album will see the light of day on 29 April 2022. Save the date and remember to stay tuned, more info and sneak peeks coming your way sooner than you think!

With our third full-length, we set the bar high for ourselves. As the efforts on songwriting, pre-production and finally studio production had already been enormous, we set out to find a label that could give the album the perfect final touch. With Rising Nemesis Records’ specialisation in brutal death metal, we’re 100% sure we teamed up with one of the best possible labels for this release.



News archive added. For anyone interested in old links and even older jokes this must be an experience equivalent to heaven. Enjoy… or don’t. There’s always better stuff to read.



Our first show in a year! Come see what shenanigans we have cooked over the course of this absence. The number of advance tickets will be limited, so stay tuned! Venue: Bar Loose, date: 16 October, partners in crime: Crucify The Faith and Ninetyfive50.



Welcome to Enragement's new home site! From now on, all things relevant will be posted here in addition to our social media sites. To save your precious time, we will only retain the newest info and let the rest succumb to history.

(Edit 14/03/2022: We lied! Such evil goons we are...)


Off to shoot a new music video! Can't wait to let you guys see this one when it's finished.


Oh boy, do we love the smell of fiery bass tracks in the morning! We just gained the upper hand at the studio front as Juhana fulfilled his duties. But war… War never changes...


After a couple of weeks of suspicious silence, we arrived at Oxroad Studio to find Lasse a bit dehydrated after all the blast beats. Never mind, his work is now done, and it's time for some shredding sickness. Let the grind begin!



Friends, we are thrilled to let you know that our very own blast beat machine Lasse has entered Oxroad Studio to batter the drum tracks for a third full-length. We've honed this album for years to ensure that we - and you - will be pleased with how each and every one of these songs takes Enragement's brutal sound to all new extremities. Stay tuned, more updates will follow!



Time to put the party pants back on as we'll support Necropsy and Cannibal Accident at Ravintola Torvi in Lahti on Friday 16 October. Check the schedule and invite your friends HERE.



After a couple of weeks of suspicious silence, we arrived at Oxroad Studios to find Lasse a bit dehydrated after all the blast beats. Never mind, his work is now done, and it's time for some shredding sickness. Let the grind begin!



Friends, we are thrilled to let you know that our very own blast beat machine Lasse has entered Oxroad Studios to batter the drum tracks for a third full-length. We've honed this album for years to ensure that we - and you - will be pleased with how each and every one of these songs takes Enragement's brutal sound to all new extremities. Stay tuned, more updates will follow!



Unfortunately, the show at Tiivistamö on Easter has been cancelled due to coronavirus-related recommendations on public events. A later date will be agreed, and any tickets already purchased will be valid for the new date. You can also request for a refund using the following link: We strongly suggest that you enjoy your Corona chilled and with a slice of lime or a roll of toilet paper, if you have any. Stay safe, friends!



Next show announced! We'll support the mighty Medeia with Ratface and Pahan Ikoni at Tiivistämö on Saturday 11 April. That's Easter, so you shouldn't have any excuses for not showing your face / horns / d*ck / whatever else you may wish us to see in the crowd. See you there!

Invite your friends HERE.



Time to break the gig break! We'll play in good company with Devenial VerdictCryogenocide and Neurosurgery at Lepakkomies, Helsinki, on Friday January 24. We've worked hard on the new album and slipped a few new tunes in the set list. Come check them out!

Invite your friends here.



NOTE! The show in Bialystok has been canceled as the venue shut down. A replacing show will be organized on the same date but in Lublin. We apologize to anyone who has to miss the show due to these unfortunate circumstances and welcome everyone to the Lublin show. Further information on Facebook:



Four shows coming up in July. First we will hit Lahti, Finland, to play at the pre-party of the Lahti Metal BBQ Teurastamo Festival on 12 July after which we head to Poland for three shows in Bialystok, Warsaw and Krakow on 18–20 July.

Further information on Facebook:



The tour starts in two days. See you in Tallinn, Riga, Jelgava or Tartu!


Dates & venues:

Jan 16: Tallinn, Barbar (click here for the event)

Jan 17: Riga, DEPO (click here for the event)

Jan 18: Jelgava, Melno Cepurīšu Balerija (click here for the event)

Jan 19: Tartu, Club Valhalla



Good news to our friends in Poland: we are happy to announce that we will join forces with Desecrated Grounds and two more bands TBA to play our first ever show in Warsaw on 14 December 2018. Mark your calendars and invite your friends!

Find the Facebook event HERE.



We're thrilled to announce that our next show is at the Loimaa Goes Underground fest on 31 March. We'll play with four brutal bands: GalvanizerVerjagenSoul Gutter and DevilGroove. The entrance fee is voluntary and the night's concept is BYOB. Sounds good right?!



One week, and we'll get to entertain you on the stage again! This time in Vantaa at Bar Rock Bear together with Stormic and Nemecic. Find more info and invite your friends HERE.

We're also participating in a contest in which you can vote for us to get a chance to play at the Tuska Metal Festival. Show your support by hitting the like button HERE!



The first show if this year is tomorrow. The venue is Bar Loose, Helsinki and the show will be played with Whorion and Pahan Ikoni. See you there!



On Friday 08.12.2017, we will play our first show outside of Finland in Tallinn, Estonia. This will also be your first chance to witness Enragement play a cover song, as the event is a Pantera/Damageplan tribute night. Hope to see you there!

Link to the event:



Thursday's gig at Lepakkomies was awesome thanks to the magnificent crowd! We're happy to announce that we'll support Desecrated Grounds at their album release show together with Ninetyfive50 at Semifinal in Helsinki. More info HERE.



Album release show/party on next week's Thursday (August the 3rd) at Lepakkomies Baari in Helsinki with Stormic and Illusions Dead. Come bang the brains out of your head!



Burned, Barren, Bloodstained full album now available also on YouTube. Blast it loud!



We're proud to present the new album 'Burned, Barren, Bloodstained'. Out now and available on every major platform. Enjoy!



Only one more month and Burned, Barren, Bloodstained will be set free for a world-wide rampage! Luckily you can ease the pain of waiting by checking out these reviews of the album:

The Metal Gamer (English)
Metal Temple (English)
Variety of Death Zine (English) 
Cadaver Garden (English)
Bloodrock Media (English)
Finnish Heavy Metal Fans (Finnish)
Metal Na Lata (Portuguese)
Heaven is not too far (Portuguese)
Obscuro (Czech)
Metallized (Italian)

Don't forget these interviews to hear how we're doing, what our favourite colours are, how often we masturb... and other stuff related to the band:

Variety of Death Zine (English)
Heaven is not too far (Portuguese)



'Burned, Barren, Bloodstained' now available for pre-order also on Record Shop X with world-wide shipping. Get yours!



Get your 49-minute copy of sheer brutality! 'Burned, Barren, Bloodstained' available for pre-order at Inverse Store. Release on June 9th 2017.



Blood for the Sun God single and video out NOW! Check out the video on YouTube and add the single to your favourites on Spotify.



We're happy to announce that the release of our second full-length album titled 'Burned, Barren, Bloodstained', is scheduled on 9 June 2017, via our new partner, Inverse Records. Time for some whisky!


We promised you that big news was on the way and here it comes: Enragement's shocking new music video 'Blood for the Sun God' will premiere on Wednesday 29 March. Yeah, that's next week. Hope you're as thrilled as we are. Check out the teaser HERE and start getting in the mood... for human sacrifice!

This is the first track to be released from our upcoming album. Stay tuned as more great news will follow.



After a longish silence, we're happy to present our renewed website to you. Check your bookmarks and forget the old site, as from now on, will be your primary source of perverted fantasies. We suggest you stay tuned, there are some BIG news just waiting to see the light of day...



Here's a little foretaste of the upcoming album for those who haven't been able to attend our gigs: a devastating slammy song called Mass of a Thousand Suns played live at Kulttuurikeskus Sähinä on Oct. 22nd. Note the nearly erotic atmosphere in the crowd at around the middle of the song.



For our friends in and around Helsinki: bored of slow Wednesday nights watching Netflix and stuffing yourself with popcorn? Here's an alternative plan: replace your regular soap opera with Enragement's gig at Lepakkomies Baari on Wednesday Oct. 19th with Desecrated Grounds and Catabolic and have a beer (or ten) instead of your greasy delight. Mark your calendars, it's the first chance to hear new material from the upcoming album! Facebook event HERE.



The third and final chapter of Enragement's studio diary has been published! This episode deals with horrible dance moves, playing air guitar, Jarkko's sunglasses, disturbed sexual fantasies and whatnot. Oh, and some vocals are also included. Watch it in the videos page!



The second episode of the studio diary is now online and added to videos. Enjoy responsibly! Final episode to be published in a week.



The first clip of our three-part studio diary has been added to the videos section of this site. The episode deals with drums, dogs and Lasse's serious addiction to coffee. Second episode to be published on Saturday Sep. 3rd.



As well as hitting the Suomenlinnan Studio, Enragement have struck Instagram in the name of death metal. From now on, we will terrorize you infidels with atrocious misuse of multiple kinds of filters of mass destruction. Not to mention the chemical, biological, psychological and hybrid filterfare we will wage on everything you deem holy! #enragement



Enragement have made a surprise attack on the Suomenlinnan Studio on the fortress island of Suomenlinna and taken the audio engineer Victor Storm Gullichsen hostige. He has been mercilessly forced to help Enragement record a new album at gunpoint. This far the venture has been successful and the drums sound good, DAMN GOOD!!! The band keep ignoring requests to surrender and stop making noise. Stay tuned for news on the development of this dramatic situation!



Shop section added to this site. Check out the new clothing designs there. Here are a couple of pictures of the new products in their natural habitat:



Enragment are glad to announce that we have started co-operation with Uno Mas Collection to bring you our first set of quality T-Shirt and Top designs with WORLD WIDE DISTRIBUTION.

Visit UNOMAS ​and pick the one you like!

The designs include:

Enragement Yellow Logo design (T-Shirt & Top)

White Cadaver Garden design (T-Shirt & Top)

Omnimalevolence of Man Cover Art design (T-Shirt & Top)



Enragement's Black Widow was chosen as the best music video of 2015 in the category of Brutal Death Metal by The History of Metal. Check the site out for all things metal.

We'd like to thank everyone who participated in the making of the video: actors, camera operators, make-up artists and especially the director and mastermind behind the video, Joel Korhonen. In addition, thanks to everyone who watched, liked and shared the video!



A slideshow of last year's gig pics has been added to the 'PICTURES' section of this site. Consider it a very late Christmas gift. Or if you don't celebrate Christmas, consider it just a random present. Or whatever, suit yourselves and check out the damn pics!



Check out Enragement's interview on Stench from the Grave - an interview and gig report site that solely focuses on sniffing the putrid fumes of Death Metal. This is a chance to get a glimpse right into the heart, the black and soulless heart, of Enragement. In addition, you'll find other bands you'll like for sure. See you on the gig tonight!



Another great gig yesterday, thanks for the energetic crowd! And another great gig coming: Enragement will play with Refusal, Ceaseless Torment and Pussy Regurgitation at PRKL Club on December 11th. The Facebook event can be found HERE.



Youngsters and everyone who feels youthful, now is your chance! Enragement will play a free gig with Perihelion Ship and Unnamed Banding at Harju Youth Club on Wednesday Oct. 11th. The doors will be opened at 6 p.m. and remain so until 9 p.m. Check the Facebook event HERE.



Huge thanks to everyone for last Wednesday's gig! It was brilliant! Here's some video material of the gig for those who couldn't make it there. Or why not to those who were there, as well.



Enragement will play in Bar Loose, Helsinki, with Devenial Verdict and Halo of Dreams on September 16th. Link to the event on Facebook:



Show dates will be announced soon. Stay tuned!



Sorry about the lack of news folks, but this site is newer than the selfie stick... We will keep you updated when anything comes up. And just so you know, we're writing new material. So, build your bunkers strong, it's gonna be some heavy shit!

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