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Neck-breaking death metal from Helsinki, Finland

A unique blend of brutal death metal and twisted nuances of various extreme metal genres, Enragement’s music delivers intense beats and crushing riffs accompanied by the growls of three lead vocalists. Our lyrical themes mainly focus on true events based on the principle that no story is too sick to be told through music. Let the journey to the darkest corners of the human mind begin…

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Our first show in a year! Come see what shenanigans we have cooked over the course of this absence. The number of advance tickets will be limited, so stay tuned! Venue: Bar Loose, date: 16 October, partners in crime: Crucify The Faith and Ninetyfive50.


Welcome to Enragement's new home site! From now on, all things relevant will be posted here in addition to our social media sites. To save your precious time, we will only retain the newest info and let the rest succumb to history.


Off to shoot a new music video! Can't wait to let you guys see this one when it's finished.


Oh boy, do we love the smell of fiery bass tracks in the morning! We just gained the upper hand at the studio front as Juhana fulfilled his duties. But war… War never changes...


After a couple of weeks of suspicious silence, we arrived at Oxroad Studio to find Lasse a bit dehydrated after all the blast beats. Never mind, his work is now done, and it's time for some shredding sickness. Let the grind begin!



  • No shows scheduled at the moment.



Although established in 2006, Enragement truly kicked off their career with the 2014 self-released debut album Omnimalevolence of Man after overcoming various line-up changes and other time consuming challenges. The record, which received positive feedback from the metal community, combined various sub-genres of death metal. A music video for the song Black Widow was filmed in the spring of 2015 and released to great popularity in the June of the same year.


Enragement’s second album Burned, Barren, Bloodstained was released through Inverse Records in the summer of 2017, and its novel approach to death metal earned praising reviews both in the band’s home country Finland and around the world. The album was preceded by the release of a music video for the song Blood for the Sun God.


In the autumn of 2020, Enragement hit the studio for a third full-length album, the name of which is yet to be revealed. In the winter of 2021, the band started filming a new music video, the name of which is, likewise, yet to be announced.


Enragement are: Atte Ojanne (guitars & vocals), Tuomas Iivanainen (guitars & vocals), Juhana Korkka Heinonen (bass & vocals), Lasse Sannikka (drums).









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